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November 1985, Armero Colombia.... "A 13-year old girl, stuck up to her neck in water and rubble from Colombia's volcanic eruption, died today despite three days of rescue efforts, witnesses said" The New York Times - Reuters, November 6, 1985. The harrowing efforts were broadcast worldwide hour by hour and the world watched as she could not be saved.

OMAYRA Wall Piece
The Omayra Tragedy
White Omayra with Lilies
Skull #11 on Silver
Omayra Screening Process
Skull #33 on Gold
White Omayra with Black Skulls I
Screening Process
Skull #15 on Silver
White Omayra with Black Skulls II
Skull  #20 on Gold
"From my initial emotional response to Omayra’s agony, a life tragically cut short, through the mystery that is Art, I hope through this series the memory of one person’s short existence, valiant end struggle, and broadcast of life expiring as man's known rescue efforts fail, will not be in vain and endure as a symbol of hope for all ages. The inspiration taken from her life that faced the unforeseen tragedy of nature is the 
realization that man, one, is often helpless, led to the creation of The OMAYRA Series.    
 Werner Thomas

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